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Jude Artenstein


Like many people, I was deeply affected by the 2008/09 economic crises. News stories chronicled abandoned dogs and cats left behind in empty houses – families loosing jobs unable to keep their pets – shelters overflowing no longer accepting animals. Numerous heartbreaking consequences seemed destined to affect many innocent furry victims.

During that time I was recuperating from a serious accident that shattered my right knee, unable to walk for months my golden retriever Scout was my constant companion. As my health improved I was eager to do something for Scout and his four-legged friends – it would be my civic gratitude to Scout for his unconditional loyalty and friendship.

That’s when the idea to create Doggie Street Festival was born – an adoption event bringing together the rescue community with adoptable dogs & cats, a platform to increase adoption and educate on spay/neuter options, alongside veterinarians, pet professionals, trainers, health and nutrition experts to provide information and improved care – all wrapped in a festive public celebration for our deserving companion animals.

Years have passed since that day – many thousands of people have attended DSF and many hundreds of dogs & cats have gone home with new families on Festival Day fortified with useful information and increased awareness.

TOGETHER, beside our invaluable Sponsors, Vendors and Media Partners we have made a tangible difference. I can’t say its been easy, but I can say that it has been inspiring to experience results as we humans take action to help solve the tragedy that is pet homelessness.

Sadly Scout my sweet inspiration for creating DSF died from cancer and is no longer by my side but he remains in my heart – I will forever celebrate him and dedicate Doggie Street Festival to his memory.

Pets join us on our life journey, they adapt to our routines, they capture our hearts, they stir our humanity, they help us deal with our tragedies and if we are lucky they inspire us to reach beyond our grasp and become better humans. Scouts life truly inspired my own.

Jude Artenstein is a San Diego based indie filmmaker and the founder/organizer of Doggie Street Festival.

Please join us as a Sponsor, together we can change their world and our own!

  • DSF was launched in 2009 and brought together a record breaking 35+ breed-specific rescue groups, governmental agencies and city shelters with adoptable dogs from throughout San Diego County.
  • Thousands of San Diegans came out to support this adoption-focused Festival and its mission to help end pet homelessness. Pet professionals, educators, veterinarians, sponsors, vendors, entertainers and dedicated volunteers helped inform the public on issues of pet health, training, spay/neuter options, and responsible adoption.
  • At DSFs inaugural event over 125 dogs found new homes. Each successive year Festival attendance has soared and adoptions have skyrocketed on Festival Day.
  • Proudly in 2012 DSF accomplished an original goal to expand to more cities – and is now held in Los Angeles as well as its home city of San Diego. We plan to host DSF in more cities and towns (as funding becomes available) across the U.S.
  • DSF continues to provide free of charge, an extensively publicized platform for rescue groups and shelters to distribute literature, advocate and encourage responsible adoption and attract new foster parents, volunteers and supporters.
  • DSF also presents a range of pet professionals, health practitioners and veterinarians who offer practical advice, helpful information and valuable knowledge, at no cost to the public, on Festival day at our “Ask A Pet Professional Booth.”
  • DSF educates kids and youth; the next generations, to the importance of choosing pet adoption first through pet-related art and other engaging activities at its “Kids Art Area.”
  • DSF has produced public service announcements and a music video promoting pet adoption, and provided donations to PAWS SD and others.
  • DSF remains committed to ending dog & cat homelessness one furry friend at a time by bringing together the public and the rescue community at this high-visibility adoption-focused Festival.
  • We are steadfast in our effort to inform the public on issues that will improve the health care, training and well being of our companion animals.
  • We are devoted to celebrating our furry friends and unwavering in our encouragement of the public to get involved and become heroes to our homeless dog & cats who depend on us humans to end their wait for a forever home.


Doggie Street Festival (DSF) is dedicated to increasing dog and cat adoption through its yearly Festival.

The event is designed to be an informative experience that promotes public awareness and educates on issues of responsible adoption, foster, spay/neuter and conscientious pet guardianship.

DSF provides a diverse range of information on topics concerning pet care, health, training and well-being.

DSF celebrates our pet companions and urges the public to act, advocate and work together to effect positive change and help end the tragedy that is pet homelessness.


Doggie Street Festival is beginning to live its future, having set our goal to expand to cities across America – 2013 marks our second year in Los Angeles.

In future we hope to grow the Festival to more cities and continue to work with the rescue community to increase adoption, celebrate our pets and educate on issues surrounding adoption, foster, spay/neuter, and the care, health and well being of our pet companions.

If YOU would like to help please contact us TODAY. Together we can make a difference. Help Us Add More Cities.


Our hope is that someday there will be no need for this Festival because collectively as a society we will have solved the tragedy of pet abuse, neglect and homelessness.

Until then, our goal is to join our voice to the collective cry on behalf of our dog & cat population who cannot speak for themselves.

DSF will continue to work together with the rescue community and advocate for education and public information. We strive for positive change, a decrease in irresponsible breeding and an increase in pet adoptions, care and conscientious guardianship.

Pets are waiting on US to end their wait for a new home. We will continue to work to put an end to the tragedy of pet homelessness.


Yes, all friendly dogs are welcome. Your doggie must remain on leash at all times. Please note that even though your pet is cute and cuddly to you, to some he/she may seem intimidating—we ask that you be considerate of others.
No. The Festival is free to the public.
We suggest you bring a blanket or folding chair so you can sit on the grass and enjoy the entertainment.
YES. We treasure, appreciate & need our volunteers for pre-event office tasks, event set-up & break-down, children’s art projects, water & t-shirt sales, assisting visitors or vendors, information booth staffing and various other tasks. To volunteer, please contact us.
Your contribution allows us to:

  • Directly increase pet adoption and awareness on issues surrounding adoption options, foster opportunities and responsible pet guardianship.
  • Discourage random breeding and encourage spay/neuter, key to decreasing rescue and shelter overpopulation and euthanasia.
  • Host the dog and cat rescue community, countywide free of charge with their adoptable pets.
  • Encourage the public to get involved helping rescue groups and shelters in their day-to-day efforts as foster families, volunteers or donors.
  • Keep DSF free to the public and potential adoption families and individuals who attend.
  • Organize, publicize, promote, produce promotional materials, posters, t-shirts, acquire locations & permits, furnish site facilities, traffic control, logistical support, increase attendance, among many other elements so as to advocate for responsible pet adoption by creating this high visibility public service event.
  • Provide a day filled with education and information from the speaker presentations on stage to our “Kids Art Area” and “Ask A Pet Professional” booths where the public is able to get their questions answered free of charge, by a diverse group of professionals on a range of topics regarding pet care, health, training and well being.
  • Expand the Festival to more cities so we may bring this effective dog and cat adoption event to cities across America and inspire the public to act, advocate and work together to help end the tragedy of pet homelessness, neglect and abandonment.
Please note that the Festival fundraises in order to pay for the normal expenses incurred in creating this high visibility educational event. We do not fundraise to provide funds to individual rescue groups.

We are fortunate to have unpaid volunteers and others who provide enormous amounts of their time, talent and skills for marginal fees in order to be of service to their community through their work at this Festival.

(Any size contribution is appreciated. Thank you!)

Please make check payable to:

Please mail form & check to:
P.O. Box 712217
San Diego, CA 92171-2217


It’s the largest and best publicized adopters event as a result many come to find pups-we love it each year.
This is the most successful event we attend. I hope the event continues. I’m sure it is a lot of work for the organizers. But so many lives were saved. Thank you.
We love Doggie Street Festival! Great PR brings out many good adopters. It’s a fun and productive event! Thanks so much for putting it on and allowing us to participate.
You had great shelter/rescue representation and great vendors. It was well organized and well advertised. Great venue, lots of space, hugh crowds. I was busy working all day because of such a great turn out! We made lots of contacts and the band was great.
It is just a great event. Wonderful event coordinators! Great atmosphere and so many groups all out for the same cause. Definitely will be back next year.
This is the most organized event we attend. It draws more people and people look forward to it. Thanks for doing this.
Nobody knows like our group what a monumental event and production the Doggie Street Festival was to put on. You guys did an awesome job and we are grateful that we were a part of it. Bravo, standing ovation to a successful event!
This was the first year I participated I brought 5 dogs with me. They all got placed. It is also nice to have us all present so we can network and just touch base with each other.
We got tons of exposure, made a lot of contacts and networking. It was well done and we had quite a few adoptions and adoption requests.
Great venue. Great location. Well organized. Well advertised. Lots of variety. Plenty of parking. Thank you so much.